International Conference EcoAirSolutions 2021: important links and conclusions

December 20, 2021

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Last week, our EcoAirSolutions air pollution conference with “NGO Arnika” was held.

Link to the video recording of the conference is here


In two days we presented the projects of partners and presented the ecosystem for air quality monitoring YourAirTest.


The conference was induced by the plenary, Sergei Ivanovich Okovity, Rector of the DNU named after Oles‘ Gonchar, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, on which it was emphasized that ecology is very important for everyone, and air quality comes first, it depends on the length of our lives!


At the DNU and the laboratory of the Engineering School Noosphere pay special attention to projects related to ecology and air pollution monitoring


YourAirTest mobile application has been developed thanks to which our citizens and students can monitor the air quality where they are now.


The MonAir project is also a ground-based air quality sensor that measures air quality for 6 key pollutants: PM2.5 particulate matter, PM10 particulate matter, O3 (ozone), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), SO₂ (sulfur dioxide) and CO (oxide). ) carbon).


This data is available on


“Environmental issues need to be addressed by coming together, recognizing their roots, and writing a plan. We need to move towards improvements step by step, and each joint project is a confirmation. ”


At the conference, Maksym Soroka presented the Clean Air for Ukraine project with an air quality monitoring station developed by Ecosity. Serhiy Ivanovych Okovytyi gratefully promised to install the station in one of the DNU buildings.


Important topics were the possibility of air quality management in cities and ways to involve citizens in the problem of air pollution. We have managed not only to form an open dialogue between students, scientists and the authorities, but also to understand that we must all work together on the main goal – to make society more environmentally conscious.


We have saved all the presentations of our speakers:


Technical achievements:


The first report a set of programs for learning Gaussian model + was presented by Danilo Boldyrev – a graduate student of DNU. O. Gonchar. Python developer YourAirTest.


This is a report on a software package for all environmental students that will help simulate pollution from 1 to 6 pipes without knowledge of programming languages. The results of the calculation will be a picture, where the map will show the smoke and the size of the polluting cloud with the values ​​of concentrations.


Anton Sokolov (University of Littoral Côte d’Opal, Laboratory of Atmospheric Physicochemistry, Dunkirk, France) presented a report on optimizing the location of environmental sensors in the industrialized areas of Dunkirk, France. We plan to develop such a model for Kryvyi Rih next year.


Report on modeling the atmosphere in Ukraine and the Kryvyi Rih region. Anton revealed the secrets of air modeling with WRF to create a more complex forecasting system.

Atmospheric modelling of Ukraine and the Kryvyi Rih regions  


A Research on the Creation of Automatic System for Air Pollution Prediction WRF/CALPUFFOleg Skrynyk – PhD, Dmytro Oshurok – PhD



The report helped draw the red line between air pollution and disease. Arina Agasievna removes pink glasses from everyone and helps to accept today’s circumstances in numbers. The report received the maximum number of questions.

Hygienic approaches to air quality assessmentHead. air quality laboratories Institute of Public Health SI “O.M. Marzieiev Institute for Public Health (IPH), National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Olena Turos Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Air Quality Laboratory, Professor, and Petrosian Arina Doctor of Biological Sciences 


An interesting report on the relationship between declining carbon stocks and increasing carbon emissions.

Modeling of carbon sequestration and carbon dioxide release with assimilation of satellite dataShostak Lyubov – graduate student. Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering


Social sphere


A great report that ignited everyone. 

Models of Involvement of Public and Academic Communities in Atmospheric Air Quality MonitoringMaksym Soroka, Scientific and Technical Adviser of the Clean Air for Ukraine Project, Ph.D. (PhD), Associate Professor of the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology.


A report where everyone will find a site with a network of sensors and device descriptions.

Supporting the stability and quality of the Ukrainian network of public monitoring of air quality EcoCity – Oleksiy Trelevsky Chairman of the NGO “Free Arduino”, curator of the EcoCity network.


The report brought together all parties that affect the environment, government agencies, business, NGOs and many others.

Catalog of organizations and projects in Ukraine dealing with air qualityKylymnyk Eugene, Head of Strategic Studies, UNDP Innovative Development Laboratory in Ukraine and Pavlo Khazan, Member of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council, co-author of the environmental monitoring system.


Student Sympathy Report: Augmented Reality Opportunities for Preserving Forests and Other Natural Resources Using Smartphones, Not Printed Products.

Digitalization of ecologyAnna Panova, project coordinator of Noosphere Engineering School


YourAirTest Ecosystem


Report on the history of sensors and their testing in different cities.

MonAir – automatic air quality measurement system – Gomilko Igor Vladimirovich. Ph.D. (PhD). Associate Professor of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University and Head of the Laboratory of Robotics and Electronics Noosphere Engineering School.


A report on a visual quality sensor for the home that will help monitor carbon dioxide.

Indoor SolutionSergey Piven, Bachelor of DNU. O. Gonchara C Embedded developer YourAirTest


System report describing the work of YourAirTest.

Website YourAirTestDanilo Boldyrev Master’s student of DNU named after O. Gonchar. Python developer YourAirTest


The report is filled with video examples that describe the current and future elements of the mobile application that are expected in the coming months.

Mobile application – YourAirTestDubrovina Victoria 4th year student of DNU. O. Honchar, Faculty of Journalism. SMM


The event was held thanks to our partners!

ГО “Arnika”  ГО “Асоціація Ноосфера”Noosphere Engineering School Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара

With the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in the framework of the Transition Promotion Program and the National Endowment for Democracy (USA) in the framework of the project “Clean Air for Ukraine”