YAT Gaussian plume model for ecological and environmental education

Environmental science students often face the challenge of using air pollution modeling before they have any programming skills. That's where YourAirTest, our science-driven startup, steps in with a solution tailored for universities - the YAT Gaussian Plume Model.

The Gaussian plume model is the most commonly used model of air pollution. It is based on a fairly simple formula that describes a three-dimensional field of pollution concentration created by a point source under stationary meteorological and emission conditions.

This model comes into play to forecast the movement and levels of pollutants in the air post-release, proving invaluable for emergency planning and response efforts. It simplifies the complex task of predicting how pollution spreads through the atmosphere.

pic gaussian model

Our YourAirTest team has devised an automated service featuring the YAT Gaussian Plume Model. What sets it apart is its user-friendliness - no programming or heavy math skills are required. It's accessible to everyone.

Several universities approached us seeking a system that could effectively teach environmental students how to model emissions without the need for programming expertise. They wanted a straightforward solution, and that's exactly what we delivered.

pic universite

We've already rolled out our service to multiple universities, and the feedback from students has been resoundingly positive. They appreciate the simplicity of our system, which enables them to model emissions quickly and efficiently.

Our YAT Gaussian Plume Modeling Service demonstrates how scientific methods can be made accessible to students and educators in the field of ecology. We've streamlined the process of teaching air pollution modeling, and we urge anyone interested to give our service a try in their studies and research endeavors.

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