5 Ways To Be Healthier In a Big City

December 23, 2020

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How can we limit the impact of polluted air on our health?
These 5 ways help you to reduce the negative effect of polluted air.


YourAirTest recommend:


1️⃣ Limit walking on busy streets during rush hour – and if you have a young child with you, try to lift them up above the level of vehicle exhausts

2️⃣ Limit spending time at specific hotspots of traffic such as cars stopped at traffic lights or near traffic jams.

3️⃣ When you’re doing physical activity outdoors, try exercising in less polluted areas. Exercise makes you breathe harder, so polluted air can have a greater impact on your health.

4️⃣ Monitor the level of air pollution in your local area. Try to stay at home in highly polluted days. Hold meetings online on such days.

5️⃣ The last recommendation is still relevant for our country – stop burning household and agricultural waste! Use local services for recycling and garbage disposal whenever possible.


Respect the air you breathe!